What is the best garage floor mats?

What is the best garage floor mats?

A car Mat is an accessory that does not need to be presented. every car owner knows perfectly well that its significance cannot be underestimated, and therefore it is necessary to approach its choice wisely.
If you want to buy floor mats for cars, then the material presented below may be useful to you.

Types of car floor mats

The most common types of floor mats at the moment include:
1) Rubber;
2) Polyurethane;
3) With cells;
4) With bumpers;
5) 3D car mats ;
6) Fleecy;
7) Tissue;
8) Leather and eco-leather;
9) 5d floor mats.

Now let’s take a closer look at the described types of car floor mats in the salon.


9 Best garage floor mats for cars

Rubber mat

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Rubber car mats can be attributed to the number of products that have a very reasonable cost. An important advantage of these options is the fact that they do not slide on the floor (due to the fact that special spikes are located on the lower part). Best garage floor mats, made of rubber are practical, they are not afraid of wear, they are not afraid of moisture. What is also important, rubber mats for cars are easy to clean.
However, there are disadvantages to such an option as rubber car mats, they weigh a lot, at high temperatures they evaporate a rather unpleasant smell, water is poorly retained and can “flop” under your feet, frostbitten shoes can even slide on the ribbed surface of rubber mats.
Advice! Those who really want to buy rubber mats for cars, but are not ready to put up with the above disadvantages, we recommend paying attention to products made of NBR rubber. Among its positive properties-resistant to wear, not afraid of aggressive environments, elastic (even when exposed to negative temperatures), easy cleaning, affordable price.


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Made of polymers, these accessories have a significant number of operational advantages, including low weight, good strength indicators, flexibility, no unpleasant smell and a tendency to harden when exposed to negative temperatures.
What are the best garage floor mats for detailing cars?
But polyurethane floor mats in cars also have disadvantages, namely, high cost.
Car floor mats with cells (car floor mats with honeycombs)
Cellular auto mats are products with a special cellular structure (similar to a honeycomb). It is the presence of cells and is a key feature of this type of carpet, all incoming debris settles on their bottom, and is not dragged around the cabin.

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If we talk about the disadvantages, then car mats with cells are not very fond of sharp heels,garage flooring rolls, some cell partitions may start to miss. It is also worth noting that car mats with cells are more suitable for a flat floor.

Car floor mats with bumpers

Among the most common are rubber mats with bumpers,floor protector mat. The main purpose and at the same time the operational advantage of models with bumpers is to prevent water from entering the upholstery. In most cases, manufacturers make the side height no more than 5 cm.

A disadvantage is the fact that car mats with bumpers do not always look very aesthetically pleasing. The edges of the sides can cling to both the heels and the seat elements when they are adjusted.

3D car floor mats

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Products such as 3D car floor mats consist of several layers that are bonded using special technologies and equipment.
Among the positive properties of 3d car mats,garage carpet— a pleasant appearance, elasticity, reliably protect the interior from dirt, ease of care, versatility (great for use both in summer and in winter). It is also worth noting that such products do not slip.Best garage floor mats for cars
garage mat.
You can buy 3D floor mats for cars for a reasonable price, and this is also an important plus.
Despite the fact that 3 d car mats can be considered almost an ideal option, there is still a minus — one way or another, but 3d car mats still absorb some of the moisture, which means it takes time to dry, otherwise there is a risk of an unpleasant smell.


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Such an option as pile car mats can, perhaps, be considered a classic. There are homogeneous pile car mats, and those in which the pile is superimposed on a special rubber base. Most often, these products are bundled with a new car. Among the positive aspects, such an option as pile mats in a car is a pleasant appearance (the pile looks quite attractive, successfully combined
with the floor covering and the interior as a whole, best garage floor tiles), and the fact that they perfectly absorb moisture. In addition, the surface of such products allows the foot not to slip. Such an option as a pile car Mat can not be attributed to year-round, because in winter and autumn, there will be a lot of moisture in the cabin, brought with shoes, and therefore a constantly damp Mat will almost always smell of dampness. At the moment, the choice is quite large, so there is no problem to find and buy a car pile Mat.

Important! It is advisable to give preference to models,garage parking mats,that have a sufficiently large thickness value, this applies to both salon options and mats in the trunk of a car.

Fabric car floor mats

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Fabric mats in the car interior, as well as pile, are often included in the basic configuration. They are simple, but not without advantages, among which — a pleasant appearance, the ability to retain dust and moisture, they do not slip shoes. It is also worth noting that if they are properly and regularly dried, they will not deform if exposed to negative temperatures.

The fact that the described products absorb moisture can also be attributed to the number of disadvantages, because you need to constantly make sure that they dry out. Also a disadvantage is the fact that over time (in the case of increased operation quite quickly, best garage flooring), such mats become much less attractive.

If you like velour car floor mats, but want to keep an esstestichny appearance, then this option is more suitable for You!

Leather car floor mats


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Mats made of genuine leather look impressive, emphasize the status of the car owner, and this is one of their main advantages, best garage flooring
rubbercal. Also among the important working advantages of such products can be attributed-a high level of strength, long service life (they are not afraid of heels), reliability. There are mats for cars of a specific brand, and universal options.
If desired, leather mats in cars are performed (and most often done this way) in the style of seat and interior trim.
The disadvantage of this option is obvious — very high cost!

Eco-leather car floor mats

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First, let’s understand what eco-leather is.
Eco-leather is a material that has a fabric base on which polyurethane is applied.
Externally, it is very similar to natural leather, only devoid of its natural irregularities and micro-scratches, garage floor containment mats.
Mats in cars made of eco — leather have such advantages as-durability, reliability, nice appearance, and more affordable price than leather, water absorbing mats.
Eco-leather car mats also have weaknesses — over time, sharp heels or transportation of metal objects will partially remove the surface layer, and the fabric base will become visible.

5D car floor mats

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5D car mats are becoming increasingly popular. They got their name because of their complex multi-layered structure.
They are made by hot stamping. The absolute positive properties of such products include good strength indicators, durability, and wear resistance, floor protection mat.
It is also worth noting that 5D mats have excellent heat and noise insulation.
Of course, nothing is eternal, over time, the upper (outer) layer will still lose its presentability.
Now that we have figured out what types of mats currently exist, let’s move on to considering specific manufacturers!

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garage floor tiles review.

-Quality of materials

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