10 Creative Garage Storage Ideas

10 Creative ideas for garage storage

Is your garage full of”stuff”? From overturning bicycles to deflated basketballs and soccer balls hiding in a corner to a floor littered with loose nails, nuts and bolts, your garage can easily become disorganized very quickly. If you can’t even put your car in the garage because of the clutter, then it’s time to get serious about finding reliable
storage solutions.
First, get rid of unnecessary clutter – anything that is broken or that you no longer use – if it is in good condition, donate it! Now discover the best ways to store every item in your garage, from large items like bicycles, shovels, rakes, and folding chairs to smaller items like tools and children’s outdoor toys.
Check out these tips for storage in the garage.

10 Creative Garage Storage Ideas

1) Create a shelving system

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Flexible and functional garage shelving is the best option for storing all types of items such as toys, drawing supplies, tools and cleaning supplies. You can buy a traditional garage shelving system that will fit everything from tools to bicycles, or you can make your own solution with shelving and labeled plastic storage containers.

2) Use elastic cords to attach items to the wall

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Is there anything in the world more useful than an elastic cord? You can just throw balls and toys in the trash, but using elastic cords to keep them securely attached to the garage wall is a much more efficient use of space.

3) Secure the bikes to the wall

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The easiest way to store your bike (or bikes) is with a simple hook. This idea uses a vertical storage space in the garage. It also makes it easy to remove one bike at a time, instead of trying to pull one out from the bottom of the bike STACK, (you know they always tip over on top of each other).

4) Use crates for small toys and various items

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So, you’ve saved your bikes and big toys, but what about all those little toys like toy trucks, jump ropes, spray guns, and sidewalk chalk? In such a huge open space, it is much more difficult to find a home for small items.
This is why the idea of storage using labeled buckets or buckets makes such sense. It’s such a functional and efficient way to store all sorts of tools and little things in your garage.

5) Attach a magnet to the hammer to hold the nails

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Attaching a magnet to the bottom of the hammer so that you can hold the hammer together with the nails is a smart and simple craft. This is especially useful when you’re in the middle of a project and don’t want to dig around for the right nail.

6) Use PVC pipes to store rakes and brooms

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Storing gardening tools like rakes and cleaning equipment like brooms is a pain. If you do not attach them to the wall, they can accumulate on the floor, which is unsafe and ugly. By attaching them to the wall with PVC pipes, they are available when you need them, but do not interfere,when you don’t.

7) Install a lattice wall

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No workplace in the garage is complete without a perforated Board or rack wall. The grid makes it easy to set up your storage space to match what you’re actually using in your garage, and allows you to quickly find what you’re looking for.

8) Hanging metal folding chairs

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Metal folding chairs are something that’s great to have when you need them (picnics, parties, gatherings of any kind), but they’re terrible to store. By attaching the hooks to the garage wall, you will save a lot of space in the garage and at the same time save those pesky chairs.


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