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How much does Suzuki Ignis cost, Suzuki model.

Suzuki model

How much does Suzuki Ignis cost?

How much does Suzuki Ignis cost, Suzuki model.

Think free from every border.  Think about moving in an alternative way.

Suzuki model range, represented by SWIFT, IGNIS and BALENO, shows how the  Suzuki model is the simplest, most comfortable and efficient solution for any journey.

Suzuki model

Suzuki model

Think Ignis.  Drive Suzuki: those who think of moving in an alternative way can only choose Suzuki!
Best car for dogs and babies.

Find out how easy it is to choose a hybrid car.  Suzuki Ignis technology is innovative, affordable and can be considered the real hybrid of the future

LOW CONSUMPTION: The combination of the innovative Suzuki HYBRID technology and the new light and robust platforms make it possible to significantly reduce the weight of the car and consequently reduce consumption, reaching record values.

WITHOUT RECHARGE: No worries.  Suzuki HYBRID technology is simple!  Thanks to the light and compact ISG (Integrated Starter Generator) alternator and high capacity lithium ion battery, you will never need to charge your car, because it will recharge by itself during deceleration.

ADVANTAGE: Buying a hybrid car does not only mean saving on fuel costs, but also means saving on car management costs.  The hybrid Suzuki HYBRID technology is one of the low environmental impact hybrid vehicles as required by the Ministry of Transport and allows you to take advantage of the tax advantages and exemptions that many Italian regions and municipalities attribute to this type of propulsion.

ECO FRIENDLY: Suzuki HYBRID technology helps you to respect and love the environment even with small gestures, every day.

Suzuki model, best color car

Suzuki model, best color car

UNCHANGED SPACE: No compromise on comfort.  Thanks to the battery pack with reduced dimensions, positioned under the driver’s seat and weighing only 6.2kg, the interior spaces of the car do not undergo any change.

  Simple and intelligent HYBRID technology means you won’t have to change your driving style.  Just guide.

SUZUKI HYBRID RANGE: The Suzuki HYBRID range is already available on 3 models:

Suzuki BALENO, Suzuki IGNIS and Suzuki SWIFT and 2 engines (1.2 and 1.0 BOOSTERJET), both 2WD and 4WD and also LPG.

Suzuki HYBRID, the Hybrid of the Future, is available starting at
$ 13,800

Suzuki Ignis 1.2 HYBRID COOL, the first ultra-compact SUV, is yours for
$ 13,000

Suzuki BALENO 1.2 HYBRID TOP comfortable and spacious, it’s yours for $14,000

Suzuki Swift 1.2 HYBRID TOP, agile and gritty, is yours for $13,950

Suzuki model 2019

Suzuki model 2019

How much does Suzuki Ignis cost, Suzuki model.On all models, standard, alloy wheels, climate control, 7 “touch screen, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, rear-view camera, Bluetooth hands-free with steering wheel controls and heated seats.

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