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Audi Q3 Sportback

audi q3 images

 Audi Q3 Sportback: sporty in appearance, and not only

audi q3 images

audi q3 images

The new, Audi Q3 Sportback, is the most streamlined and sporty version of the German average SUV.  It is well finished and pleasant to drive, even with the 2.0 turbo 150 bhp.  The equipment has some shortcomings.
They especially like the sporty and muscular image that is found, amplified, in the so-called suv-coupé.  Like the new Audi Q3 Sportback 2020, which, compared to the more traditional model from which it derives, has more streamlined and dynamic shapes: thanks to the lower roof of three centimeters (157 cm the total height) and the very inclined rear window, surmounted by a showy spoiler  .  The length does not change much, with only 16 mm more, reaching an exact 450 cm.
The interior of the Audi Q3 Sportback is at least as satisfying as the body shapes.  In particular, the dashboard, with very accurate finishes and the technological aspect.  As standard, the dashboard is digital, with a diagonal of 10.3 inches (the 12.3-inch one of the test car costs 290 $).  Hi-tech is also the screen of the multimedia system, which has a neat graphics and which, like the dual-zone “climate” controls, is slightly oriented towards the driver.  It allows you to quickly manage many functions, but some are paid (strangely, given the price of the car): in particular Android Auto and Apple CarPlay cost 650 $, when many small cars offer them for free.  It should however be said that, by ordering them, iPhones can also be connected without a cable.

The position of the “four arrows” button (it is very low in front of the gear lever, and therefore difficult to identify quickly in emergency situations) and the handles of the front doors can also be improved: they are so forward that they do not allow to do well  lever in the closing phase.  It is more than necessari, dimensions of Audi Q.

Behind is better than expected.

audi q3 news

audi q3 news

This problem fades behind, where the doors are smaller.  Going up and down from the couch is not too uncomfortable, despite the descending profile of the roof.  And, once on board, the space that the Audi Q3 Sportback price is even more than what might be expected: in two it is really comfortable and only those who exceed one meter and ninety centimeters in height graze the ceiling with their heads. Speech aside for the place in the center of the sofa, narrower and sacrificed, also due to the cumbersome tunnel on the floor.  Comfortable backrests (with 40/20/40 fractionation) adjustable in inclination in seven positions.

Equally practical is the 13 cm sliding sofa, with the seat in two parts (60/40), which allows you to save space in favor of the luggage: bringing it all forward, the capacity goes from 460 to 530 liters;  1400 liters, instead, the maximum value with the rear seat reclined and loading up to the ceiling.  Both the variable height double bottom and the electric hatch are standard, which for 1,015 $ (together with the “keyless” opening of the doors) can be operated by approaching one foot under the bumper.
In our test we traveled about 200 km between motorways and high-speed roads on board a Q3 Sportback 35 TDI S tronic.  In acceleration the 2.0 diesel engine with 150 horses has a good vivacity, but it makes its voice heard, especially at low speeds.  The average of 14 km / liter read on the on-board computer is fair, compared to the 16.9 km / l approved in the WLTP cycle (we will check with our instruments on the occasion of a more thorough test).

The double-clutch gearbox was comfortable and fast, and in the test specimen it also had levers on the steering wheel for manual management.  Between the curves this suv is agile and makes good steering and suspension work: in the Sportback of the series they are stiffened compared to the other “normal” Q3s, and in the case of the car on trial they were combined with electronically controlled shock absorbers.
There are many driver assistance systems available in the new,Audi Q3 Sportback.  Standard for all trim levels, except for the basic one, adaptive cruise control, anti-collision radar (with anti-investment function for pedestrians and cyclists), warning against accidental exit from the lane and sensors for the corner  blind of the rear-view mirrors.

  In the S line edition and four edition outfits, active headlights, the semi-autonomous driving and the automatic stop of the vehicle in case of driver’s illness are also included.  In addition to the parking sensors also front: in fact, the rear ones are always standard.  However, given the poor visibility from the rear window, the rear view camera is even more useful, but you pay: 500$.  Better to order the refined 360-degree viewing system, which currently the price list shows with the same price.

In our opinion


> Finishes.  Above all, the bridge has a neat and very technological appearance.
> Help.  Agility is not lacking between the curves, and the engine, although not very powerful, does its part.
> Space.  We were expecting a more narrow passenger compartment, especially behind.  Instead, even on the sofa there is a good ease (for two).


> Handles.  If the front doors are opened, it is difficult to close them from the inside: the handles are very forward.
> Optional.  A modern car of this price should not charge Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, nor the reversing camera.
> “Four arrows” button.  It is too low: it is difficult to identify it quickly in emergencies.

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