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Peugeot 208

peugeot 208 gti price

Peugeot 208 small car: almost sporty

peugeot 208 gti price

peugeot 208 gti price

Peugeot 208

Peugeot 208 small car, has a strong personality, accurate finishes, vivacity and agility.  Space and accessibility are only discrete.
Peugeot 208 1.2 PureTech 130 CV GT Line EAT8

All new and even electric
Already orderable and arriving at dealerships in early November, the Peugeot 208 is a small, entirely new five-door vehicle.  The platform, shared with the newly presented Opel Corsa (from March 2017 also the German company is in the PSA group, together with Peugeot, Citroën and DS) is lighter than 40 kg and was designed also in function of an electric version.  Already on the list but with the first deliveries scheduled for January 2020, the battery-powered e-208 has 136 horses, a declared autonomy with a “full” current of 340 km and a starting, Peugeot 208 price, of 33.400$ (which must be taken away  government ecobonuses, which reach 6,000 $ in the event of the scrapping of an old car).

Then there are the petrol versions (with the three-cylinder 1.2 delivering powers of 75, 101 or 131 horses) and the diesel version, powered by a 1.5 four-piston 101-horsepower.  More than anything else as a curiosity, given that you will have to wait at least a couple of years before seeing a definitive specimen, it is the fact that a “light” hybrid version is already under study (therefore not rechargeable via an external cable, and  with a price slightly higher than that of an equivalent petrol version).  Whatever the engine, however, the body does not change.

The new Peugeot 208, grown by 9 cm in length (we are at 406 in total) but lower than 3 cm, has compact, rounded and very personal shapes.  In this regard, lights play an important role.  At the front stand two long elements that vertically “cut” the bumper and that the house calls “claws”;  present in all the settings, except for the “base” Like, they are a notable distinctive feature, but they also appear to be exposed to minor parking bumps.  In the presence of full led headlights, three oblique luminous strips are then added, whose graphics are taken up equally in the lights.

The latter are connected to each other by the wide glossy black band that runs along the door.  We have driven the richer and more powerful version of those with internal combustion engines, the 131 GT Line with 131 horses, proposed only with automatic transmission.  This sporting equipment stands out from the outside for black wheel arches and 17-inch wheels, with lowered tires (“bar 45”) than those of other versions.

Refined almost everywhere

The new Peugeot 208 takes up the typical driving position with small and low steering wheel, and dashboard above the dashboard: once the habit is done it is comfortable, but not everyone can see the whole instrumentation.  For the rest, the passenger compartment leaps forward in technology and homogeneity of style.

The GT Line comes standard with a digital dashboard that can be configured with 3D graphics (which is striking for its modernity and richness, but not always easy to consult), and the multimedia system with a “touch” screen (facing the driver) of 7 “, 208 gti , complete with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto;  for 800 $, you can have the 10 “display with the integrated navigator, five door cars.  The dashboard has a sinuous course, with deep grooves in the upper part and noteworthy style elements, such as the refined keys in the central console (but there are too many, so as to create a bit of confusion) and the short and angular  gear shift;  the wraparound sports seats, upholstered in fabric and soft eco-leather, and the central console with the drawer that can accommodate (for 150 $) the plate for wireless charging of the provided smartphones.  In general, the finishes are accurate, and there is no shortage of space for small items.

The automatic “climate”, however, is only one-zone, has cumbersome adjustments (via the display) and small outlets without independent flow rate adjustment: one step backwards compared to the old model.

Discreet space

The space available to drivers and passengers of the Peugeot 208 is good enough for four adults of average height, while in three on the sofa they travel sacrificed.  The front accessibility is very easy, the rear one a little less, due to the reduced length of the doors.  Not bad the capacity of the trunk of the “base” versions (309 liters), but the GT Line has as standard the spare wheel instead of the less bulky repair kit, so that the capacity drops to 265 liters: not much,peugeot small car. The finish is of a good standard and access is rather easy, with a loading threshold just 68 cm from the ground, but reclining the sofa creates a rather high step that does not facilitate the storage of heavy luggage.

A nice automatic

As you can imagine, with 131 horsepower of maximum power and a good deal of torque already at low speeds, the Peugeot 208 GT Line has brilliant performance: the feeling is that the 9.6 seconds declared by the house are a realistic value,  while the 208 km / h peak (which we were unable to approach on the open road) would, if confirmed, be a good result.  Noteworthy is the eight-speed automatic transmission, characterized by rapid and velvety steps;  a small defect are the levers to change to manual mode, rather short and fixed to the column, and therefore not easy to reach when cornering.

Travel comfort is better than you’d expect from a small grintosetta: the three-cylinder doesn’t vibrate at all, and at every speed it makes little noise, also because in eighth, at 130 times, it trots quietly at just over 2500 laps.  Because of the 17 “wheels, the absorption of the bumpy is not really soft, but we are however at a reasonable level.  On the other hand, it is easy to get excited about the more tortuous routes due to the speed with which you enter the curve, the precision of the steering and the ability of the suspension to limit roll.

The braking of the Peugeot 208 is also good, with a short-stroke pedal and a linear response, which makes it easy to measure slowdowns.  Final note on consumption, pending the precise results of the alVolante test center: the 15.5 km / liter that we read on the on-board computer seem to be a good result, considering that we have repeatedly exploited all 131 horses thoroughly.

The range of the Peugeot 208 starts from the Like, planned only for the 1.2 petrol engines with 75 HP (14,950$) and 1.5 BlueHDi diesel (18,150 $).  It has 15 “sheet metal circles and a 5” central display (a little “dispersed” in the center of the dashboard), but the substance is all there: as standard there are automatic emergency braking, an anti-shot alarm  sleep, lane keeping, manual “climate”, front electric windows and automatic ignition lights.  Just above, there is the Active, which requires an additional 1,300 $ and is also available with the most powerful engines (excluding the 1.2 turbo 130 hp, but including the electric one, at 33,400 $): adds the 16 “wheels, finishes  more accurate interiors and above all the central 7 “screen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

  It still goes up a level with the Allure (more refined in many details and equipped with alloy wheels, automatic “climate” and four electric windows) and the sporty GT Line, which also adds the rear view camera and the front parking sensors.  All versions can also be obtained with the “all inclusive” rental formula (stamp, insurance, ordinary and extraordinary maintenance) Free2Move.  A couple of examples: considering three years and a maximum of 45,000 kilometers, for the 1.2 Active you pay an advance of 3,500 $ and then 249$ a month;  for an electric e-208 Allure, with the same advance the installment becomes 359$, Peugeot 208.

In our opinion

> Finishes.  The interiors are very neat for a small car.
> Handling.  The car is fast and precise between the curves.
> Motor.  The 1.2 gives this little girl an almost sporty sparkle.


> Rear accessibility.  The doors are small.
> Trunk.  Capacity is not high.
> Internal details.  The 3D screen is modern but not readily readable, some commands distract and the “climate” could be more functional

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