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BMW X1 a few tweaks and lots of good driving

cars like BMW X1

BMW X1 a few tweaks and lots of good driving

BMW crossover models

BMW crossover models

BMW X1 a few tweaks and lots of good driving, a slight update rejuvenates the BMW X1 SUV, without revolutionizing it.  The engines are more environmentally friendly, including the vigorous 2.0-liter diesel engine of 231 hp.  Satisfying steering and road holding.
BMW X1 interior dimensions, 25d xDrive xLine Steptronic

Targeted interventions

Outside, the restyling of the, BMW X1 consumer complaints, is distinguished by a few details.  The average suv (it is 445 cm long, one more than before) of the German house sports a more evident mask, with the two parts of the “double kidney” that come to touch.  The bumpers are also new, not lacking in determination (in particular those of the xLine version of our test), and the renewed profile of daytime running lights is captivating.  Which are led, like the headlights and headlights, also revised in the graphics.

cars like BMW X1

cars like BMW X1

Also behind the bumpers change: the insert at the bottom, around the metal-colored area, is now the same color as the bodywork.  And then, the diameter of the two tailpipes goes from seven centimeters to nine.  In short, nothing striking.  Added to this are the new colors and the revised design wheels.  A “gem” instead is found in the area of ​​the front doors of the

BMW X1: by opening them, LEDs project the word “X1” on the asphalt, which illuminates the area around the car with a two-tone graphic.

He prefers iPhones

Also aboard the BMW X1, luxuri subcompact car, the designers went by chisel, so as not to upset the cockpit of what in 2018 was the most sold SUV by the German company, and that in almost four years has been able to win over 670,000 customers worldwide.  The dashboard, with refined visible seams, has a double color: black in the upper part and matching the seat coverings in the lower one.  The quality is always good, with materials that are pleasant to the touch and cared for.  The screen of the multimedia system is clearly visible, which can be 6.5 inches, 8.8 “or 10.3”.  The latter costs 2,970 $ for the xLine of our test, which would have the smallest one as standard, while the intermediate costs 1,350 $. You can also have BMW Connected Drive services, in addition to the Apple CarPlay interface (310 $), to be connected also without cable.  Not foreseen instead that for smartphones with Android operating system: a serious absence, given that the latter is much more widespread.

luxury subcompact cars

luxury subcompact cars

The trunk remains large

You travel in a comfortable environment, but with the 19 “wheels of the test car (780 $, while the standard ones are those of 18”) holes and bumps are felt a little too much.  Space for rear passengers is good for two for two people, and in any case the transmission tunnel in the floor and the cabinet with air vents and USB Type C sockets do not disturb a person in the center too much.  The seat is divided into two 13 cm sliding parts, to leave more space for the luggage in case of need, while the backrest has a 40/20/40 fractionation: thus, by reclining the central part, skis and other long objects can be loaded  while maintaining four comfortable seats.  All these solutions were already present in the BMW X1 preceding the upgrade, as well as the capacity of the trunk, of 505-693 / 1550 liters, is unchanged: values ​​not bad.  Access to the trunk is via a motorized door, which can also be opened by passing a foot under the bumper (this function costs 450$, along with the keyless entry system).

Under the bonnet it is more “green

The renewal of the engine range led to Euro 6d approval for the turbodiesel, the 1.5 116 bhp of the 16d, and for the more powerful, the renewed two thousandth 231 bhp of the xDrive25d of our test.  The latter is 4×4, while the basic version is front-wheel drive.  Between these two extremes there are the other 2.0 diesel engines, of 150 or 190 HP: in this case the approval is Euro 6d-Temp, as for the petrol units: the 1.5 three-cylinder with 140 horses and the two thousand, with  one more piston, 192 hp.  In March 2020, a plug-in hybrid version will also be launched: this is the first time for the BMW X1, except for the version destined for China to date.  Combine a 1.5 petrol 125 bhp with a 95 bhp electric motor, with which (according to the declared data) you can travel at zero emissions for 50 km or touch 135 km / h.

What a grit, the turbodiesel

There will be time to try the rechargeable hybrid variant, the, BMW crossover models, xDrive25e, while now it’s time to make contact with the two thousand more powerful diesel.  The thrust is remarkable, even at low speeds, and the smooth ride combines comfort and performance.  As is the case with the eight-speed automatic gearbox, although for the most demanding it is advisable to focus on the sporty one, which has a different setting and the paddles on the steering wheel for manual management.  The cornering is ready and precise and even on the tight mix it is easy to forget to be behind the wheel of an SUV.  Powerful and well modulated braking, while the soundproofing could be better (in addition to the engine in acceleration, there is a little too much the rolling noise of the tires).  There were no illusions about the consumption, given that after about seventy kilometers around Munich the on-board computer marked about 13 km / liter (though reading was not very easy, given that the lower part of the dashboard is  partly covered by the voluminous steering column).

On security can improve

No update to the safety features of the BMW X1.  Not that it is bad, by far: in the Driving Assistant package (870 $) there are automatic emergency braking with anti-investment (the low speed braking is standard), the alarm against lane departure, the active high beams  and recognition of speed limits.  However, the sensors for the blind corner of the rear-view mirrors are not provided: too bad, because they would be useful, especially if combined with the function that detects incoming vehicles when you exit in reverse from a parking lot.  BMW X1 a few tweaks and lots of good driving. Among the options there is also the semi-automatic driving system in column, combined with the Driving Assistant Plus system, which also includes adaptive cruise control (1,100 $ for the xLine).

In our opinion


> Finishes.  The cabin is well done: the materials are of quality, and the assembly is taken care of.
> Help.  On curves this SUV is stable and holds the road well.  Lively engine.
> Space.  In relation to the overall dimensions of the car, the passenger compartment and trunk are well exploitable.


> Android Auto.  There is no interface for the most popular smartphones.  Apple CarPlay, on the other hand, is not lacking.
> Noise.  The voice of the engine is felt in acceleration, and the speed of the tires can be felt at speed.
> Blind angle sensors.  During the restyling this useful driving aid has not been introduced.

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