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I heve ants in my car

I have ants in my car

I heve ants in my car, ants are probably one of the most fascinating life forms of the animal kingdom.  They can lift up to 50 times their body weight, they have the longest life of all insects (a queen ant can live up to 30 years) and, let’s not forget, they are the stars of many successful cartoons.

However, ants lose all their charm when they discover that they have invaded your car.  Why is there that long strip of very busy little animals that go back and forth from the cockpit of your car?

Where they come from?

Ants in the carpet?

Can they cause damage?

Why do they come in from the dashboard?

Continue reading this post to find the answer to these questions.  And, above all, to understand how to get rid of these fearsome invaders.

1. Move your car

Parking under a tree or next to an anthill can cause ants to head for your car.  However, they do not find a food source, they will go somewhere else.  If you can park somewhere else, do it.

2. Get rid of all the garbage

Search in every corner of your car.  Throw away the candy and chewing gum wraps and the empty packets of snacks and biscuits.  Just a few crumbs to attract them.

3. Make a thorough cleaning

After eliminating all possible food sources, proceed with a thorough cleaning.  With the help of the car vacuum cleaner, it removes every crumb, even the smallest.  Don’t just go over and under the mats and seats, but also take care of the upholstery, and air intakes.  Since ants are extremely small creatures, concentrate on the cracks and folds of fabric in your car.

If you have poured something sticky or fresh recently (or even recently) as a sugary drink, we recommend that you locate the affected areas immediately.  Nothing attracts an entire army of ants like a sweet, sticky sugar mix.

It can be extremely useful to wash the entire interior of your car in a self-service car wash.  Not only will you be sure of sucking the food, but you will also get rid of the smells that could attract the insects without your knowledge.  This is a small step that can make a difference.

4. Also clean the tires and rims

Since the wheels are the connecting element between your car and the road, it can be the point through which ants enter your car.  Treating the tires chemically will dissuade these animals from climbing on wheels and tires and then entering the cockpit freely.

5. Park with the windows up

If you have a tendency to leave your car parked with the windows down, it’s almost like you’re inviting those ants to get in the car for an all-you-can-eat buffet.  Make sure you leave the windows closed when parking.

6. Put traps in your car

If the methods we have described so far are not effective for your specific case, place ants traps under the seat to deter and capture them.

Use these baits only when you are not driving your car, for example during the night.  It is probably the safest option to avoid toxic baits at all costs, but especially if you have children who travel frequently by car.

Any persistent ant will be attracted by ant traps.  I hope your parasites will no longer be fighting the baits and traps.

How to prevent ants invasions

Ants especially love food scraps, like the chips you didn’t finish eating three days ago and that fell in the back of your car, or the crumbs of your lunch you spent traveling while you were going to find the  your customers work.

You can also prevent future infestations by removing old food bags from your car and throwing out the garbage when you’re done.  Obviously, the best way is to refrain from eating food.  However, if you have children, it can be an impossible task.

And if everything seems useless?

If you’ve done all these things diligently and still can’t get rid of the ants that plague your life, it may be time to start an investigation.  Is there a one-month sandwich in the back corner of the trunk?  Have you spilled orange juice in all the vents?  There is always some sort of root cause that triggered the invasion.  Try removing the air vents to make sure they are really clean, checking every square inch of your car to check for hidden attractions.

Finally, use wet wipes to clean the interior of the passenger compartment.  Not only will this eliminate any residue on hard surfaces, but it will also leave you with a good fresh smell.

Are there any natural remedies to keep ants away?

If you have completely cleaned your car from bumper to bumper, eliminated all traces of food and still have problems with an ant infestation, it may be time to take more extreme measures.

It is best to start with some non-toxic options.

If you do not want to put a sticky substance on the mats, place a covered carton with double-sided tape on the floor of the car.  You can also use some ingredients at home to keep the insects away.  Ants have an extreme aversion to mint, salt and pepper.  Sprinkle any of these ingredients around your car and it is much more likely that all ants will flee on raised legs.  The biggest advantage of mint is that it will naturally act as an air freshener!

Another way to ward off ants is to place a small amount of diatomaceous earth around the doors of the car.  This is still a non-toxic option.  Just let the substance work for about 24 hours.  So, before you get back behind the wheel, remove any residue with a damp cloth or vacuum cleaner.  If you do not have a professional vacuum cleaner, it is better to opt for a damp cloth, as fossil flour can ruin the engine and filter of a normal household appliance.  This option is extremely effective, as this product is extremely annoying to ants, but is not particularly toxic to humans (provided it is not ingested, of course).

Why are there ants in my car?

Ants enter your car to look for something: food!  Discovering a trail of ants in your car can immediately arouse alarm and panic.Getting rid of ants in the car. But it is important to note that it is highly unlikely that ants will enter your vehicle with intentions of staying there permanently.  Instead of looking for a new habitat, ants simply look for one thing and only one thing … and this is food.

If you are wondering “ants in car how to get rid of?” And you have identified that they are coming in from the dashboard, there are two possibilities: worker ants have been sent to look for food or the ants have found food.  The food source was discovered and the worker ants are bringing the food back to their colony.

If there is no food source in your car, it is likely that the ants will move because their search was unsuccessful.  However, if a source of nutrition is discovered, several tactics must be taken.  One would think that getting rid of food would work and getting rid of ants in your car.  However, once the ants are inside your car, the simple removal of the source of attraction may not be enough.


I heve ants in my car. Ants in the car problems.  They are definitely a distraction while driving, particularly for those who have an aversion to insects.  In fact, there are few things that are more unpleasant than feeling the tingling of a small animal climbing up your leg while you are driving.  If you take all the precautions to keep them away and carefully clean your car to eliminate all traces of food, you can be sure that you will get rid of your little travel companions in a short time.

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