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City Car:10 utility cars that cost less and consume less

small yellow car

City Car: 10 utility cars that cost less and consume less

The market for cheap city cars today offers many options and choosing a cheap car is not as simple as it used to be when the city cars for sale were limited, City Car:10 utility cars that cost less and consume less.

The variables for choosing a small car have become many, as many are the models of city car on the market.
All large automobile groups have in their range various models of utility cars, often built on common floorboards, which share engines and many other components and which differ mainly in outfitting.
If you want to buy a small subcompact that costs little when buying and in daily management, here are the models of small (and small displacement) machines chosen for you.

Skoda Citigo: features and prices

small yellow car

small yellow car

The Skoda Citigo is the city car of the Czech manufacturer, among other twin of both the German Volkswagen up! that of the Spanish Seat Mii, but all produced in the Slovak plant in Bratislava. For sale from 10.290 $, it is equipped with the petrol engine 1.0 MPI from 60 HP of power and 95 Nm of maximum torque that allows to travel on average, on the mixed cycle, 22.7 km for each liter of fuel (NEDC parameters).
Available in the three-door and four-seat variant, the Skoda Citigo is 360 cm long, 165 cm wide and 148 cm high, while the wheelbase measures 242 cm and the volume of the trunk amounts to 251 liters.Small car rental, very convenient gas mileage, speed, safety in a new car is much higher.
Smallest car usa, the range also includes the five-door variant, plus the 1.0 MPI gasoline engines 75 hp and 1.0 G-Tec LPG engines 68 hp.
Engine: 1.0 MPI 60 HP 95 Nm

Size: 360cm X 165cm x 148cm

Consumption (typical): 22,7 km/litre (NEDC)

Citroen C1: features and prices

small red car

small red car

Among the,nice little car, is also the French Citroen C1, whose base price amounts to 10.150$. The standard version of the city car transalpine provides the 1.0 VTi gasoline engine from 72 hp of power and 93 Nm of maximum torque that allows to travel on average 24.4 km with a liter of fuel, on the mixed cycle (undeclared parameters).
The Citroen C1 measures 347 cm in length, 162 cm in width, 146 cm in height and 234 cm in wheelbase, has three-door bodywork, four-seat passenger compartment, and 196-liter trunk capacity. In addition, it is available in the five-door variant, in the declination Airscape with the canvas roof and with the automatic gearbox ETG.

Engine: 1.0 VTi 72 hp 93 Nm

Size: 347cm X 162cm x 146cm

Consumption: 24.4 km / liter (ND)

Toyota Aygo: features and prices

small blue car

small blue car

Twin of the French Citroen C1 and Peugeot 108, the Toyota Aygo is the segment a car of the Japanese manufacturer, proposed at the price of 11.850 $. Like the Citroen C1, it is moved by the 1.0 VVT-i gasoline unit with 72 hp of power and 93 Nm of maximum torque, with which it runs on average 24.4 km on the mixed cycle with a liter of fuel (undeclared parameters), Toyota unverils small car kit.
The dimensions for the three-door variant of the Toyota Aygo city car are also identical, 347 cm long, 162 cm wide and 146 cm high, while the wheelbase measures 234 cm. However, the capacity of the trunk is equal to 168 liters. Confirmed, however, the configuration of the four-seater passenger compartment. Finally, the range also includes the five-door variant and the automatic gearbox M-MT.

Engine: 1.0 VVT-i 72 hp 93 Nm

Size: 347cm X 162cm x 146cm

Consumption: 24.4 km / liter (ND)

Fiat Panda: features and prices

small awd cars

small awd cars

In the group of economic city cars is also included the Italian Fiat Panda, for sale from 11.390 $ and is equipped with the gasoline engine 1.2 from 69 HP of power and 102 Nm of maximum torque that, according to the new parameters WLTP, allows to travel on average 18.5 km with a liter of fuel.
The Fiat Panda, available only in the variant with the five-door body and the four-seater passenger compartment, is 365 cm long, 164 cm wide, 155 cm high, has the wheelbase of 230 cm and the trunk of 225 liters of volume. The above-mentioned engine is also proposed in the EASY POWER LPG version, while the twin-cylinder 0.9 TwinAir Turbo unit is available in the declinations from 80 hp with the natural power methane version, 85 hp with the 4×4 four-wheel-drive version and 90 HP with the Cross model. No longer planned, however, diesel power.
Engine: 1.2 69 HP 102 Nm

Size: 365cm X 164cm x 1455cm

Power consumption (typical): 18.5 km/litre (WLTP)

Dacia Sandero: features and prices

smallest new car

smallest new car

The Dacia Sandero is the cheapest city car on the Italian market, as it is offered at the base price of 7.450 $. However, it has dimensions from segment B car, because the five-door bodywork is 406 cm long, 173 cm wide and 162 cm high. The capacity of the trunk amounts to 320 liters, while the passenger compartment is configured for five seats.
The basic version of the Dacia Sandero provides the 1.0 SCe gasoline engine from 73 hp of power and 97 Nm of maximum torque that, according to NEDC parameters, allows to travel on average 19.2 km with a liter of fuel in the mixed cycle. The range also includes the 90 HP 0.9 TCe gasoline engine also for the LPG version, plus the 1.5 Blue dCi diesel unit in the 75 hp and 95 hp declinations.
Engine: 1.0 SCe 73 hp 97 Nm

Size: 406cm X 173cm x 162cm

Consumption (typical): 19,2 km/litre (NEDC)

Ford Ka+: features and prices

nice little car

nice little car

The Ford Ka+, The Small Car of the House of the Blue Oval, is on sale on the Italian market starting from 10,000 $. Recently it was updated to the new WLTP approval standards, as for the 1.2 gasoline engine from 70 hp of power and 107 Nm of maximum torque, the average consumption in the mixed cycle of 19.6 km/liter was declared.
Despite belonging to the segment A, the dimensions of the Ford Ka+ are not really from city car, as it is 394 cm long, 170 cm wide and 152 cm high, while the wheelbase measures 240 cm and the capacity of the trunk amounts to 270 liters. In addition, only the declination with the five-door bodywork and the five-seater passenger compartment is provided. In addition to the aforementioned engine, the city car in question is available with the other 1.2 gasoline engine from 85 hp and 1.5 TDCi diesel unit from 95 hp.

Engine: 1.2 70 HP 107 Nm

Size: 394cm X 170cm x 152cm

Power consumption (typical): 19.6 km/litre (WLTP)

Suzuki Celerio: features and prices

small car compers

small car compers

11.290 $ is the basic price of the Suzuki Celerio, Japanese city car 360 cm long, 160 cm wide and 154 cm high. Other features include the 243 cm wheelbase, the 254-litre trunk volume, the five-door body, and the five-seat passenger compartment.
The 1.0 Dualjet gasoline engine from 68 hp of power and 90 Nm of maximum torque, instead, allows the Suzuki Celerio to travel on average 27.7 km with a liter of fuel in the mixed cycle (WLTP parameters), thanks to the Stop&Start device.

Engine: 1.0 68 hp 90 Nm

Size: 360cm X 160cm x 154cm

Consumption (typical): 23.3 km/litre (NEDC)

Renault Twingo: features and prices

small car speciatties

small car speciatties

The Renault Twingo has always been the,small car speciatties,  of the lozenge, whose third generation is on sale from 11.350 $. Available only in the five-door body, it measures 360 cm in length, 165 cm in width, 155 cm in height and 249 cm in wheelbase, while the capacity of the trunk amounts to 188 liters. The passenger compartment, however, is configured for four seats.

The French city car Renault Twingo is equipped with the 1.0 SCe 70 hp gasoline engine of power and 91 Nm of maximum torque, the average consumption in the mixed cycle is equal to 18.2 km/liter (WLTP parameters). The range also includes the EDC version with the double-clutch automatic gearbox, plus the 0.9 TCe petrol engine from 90 HP also in the LPG version.

Engine: 1.0 SCe 70 HP 91 Nm

Size: 360cm X 165cm x 155cm

Power consumption (typical): 18.2 km/litre (WLTP)

Previously, you need to disassemble the plastic element from the car interior and take measurements from it. Then on them sew covers and pull them on a detail, and in completion of works it establish in salon of the car.

It is also possible to restore the scratches of the interior plastic with their own hands by polishing and heating methods. Much less often on plastic elements of salons, there are cracks: they are restored by gluing.

The technology of repair of seats is determined by the degree of damage and the material from which they consist. Depending on the degree of damage, local or complete repair of the seats is performed.

Local repair is carried out with their own hands using a specialized chemical composition by applying it in several layers on the damaged area before filling the defect. The chemical mixture must match the texture and color of the seat upholstery. For example, the restoration of the leather seat involves applying the original texture to the top layer of filler, while the restoration of velour elements on the last layer of chemical composition is applied fibers similar to the pile.

Full repair of seats is carried out by tightening. For its implementation, it is necessary to dismantle these elements of the car interior and remove the original upholstery material from them. The seats are then measured against the configuration to create patterns.

To facilitate these works, you can use the old upholstery as a basis. If necessary, these works can be, in addition to replacing the upholstery, to correct the geometry of the seat.

When applying a new material, it is necessary to avoid the formation of folds and other irregularities.

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