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Best tablet for car installa?

tablet bracket for car

Best tablet for car installa???

Best tablet for car

Best tablet for car

Best tablet for car installa, self-installation and connection of the tablet instead of the radio in the car
Due to the wide functionality, many motorists began to use the tablet instead of the standard radio tape recorders.  The device can be used not only to listen to music, but also for navigation purposes.  Do-it-yourself gadget installation in a car is possible both instead of a radio tape recorder, and on a special holder.Tablet case for car headrest is a very convenient device.

tablet case for car headrest

tablet case for car headrest


1 Why install a tablet in the car instead of the radio

1.1 Advantages and disadvantages of the tablet instead of the radio

1.2 Nuances of mounting a tablet

2 Installing and connecting the tablet with your own hands

2.1 Location Selection

2.2 Tablet Holders

2.3 Tools and equipment

2.4 Mounting the amplifier

2.5 Connecting speakers

2.6 Installing the tablet step by step

2.7 Video: installing a tablet instead of a radio

tablet case for car

tablet case for car

Why install a tablet instead of a radio in a car

Not every motorist is happy with the audio and video system in his car, and this feature is observed on many modern basic trim levels,tablet case for car.
The reasons may be different, for example, they do not satisfy the function or the interface of standard equipment.

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Therefore, the question of installing a tablet instead of the head unit is quite relevant.  Regardless of the reasons, the goal is the same – the purchase of a new multimedia device.  It is worth noting that equipment with wide functionality is not cheap, and if you have a tablet on your hands, there are only two questions that can be reduced to the time spent and the work itself.  Financial investments may be required if the car audio system is built-in, then you have to be puzzled by buying an amplifier for the tablet.

If the radio is removable, then it is used as a signal amplification device to which the tablet is connected.  Installation of a modern gadget will require some knowledge and skills in the field of electronics, but there should not be any special difficulties.
Advantages and disadvantages of the tablet instead of the radio.

Before embarking on the implementation of the device in your car, you need to understand that in this case, as with any technological modernization, there are pros and cons.  The benefits of introducing a tablet are as follows:

universale tablet mount for

universale tablet mount for

Ease of playing audio and video files.

The ability to customize the device for yourself, for example, changing the interface, loading and sorting the media library.

In addition to listening to music and watching videos, the tablet can be used as a navigator, for games, Internet surfing.

The disadvantages include the following points:

There may be problems with the installation and fastening of the device.

Possible damage to internal components, which in general will affect the performance of the system.

Discomfort during replacement.

One of the advantages of installing a tablet instead of a radio is the ability to use it as a navigation device

The nuances of mounting a tablet

Mounting the tablet is possible only in the 2 DIN connector.  In this case, you need a device with a screen diagonal of 7 * 10 inches and an aspect ratio of 16: 9.  This suggests that the installation, for example, iPad, will not work due to the technical features of the gadget.  In addition, you will need to think about purchasing an amplifier, because the tablets are designed to work with headphones.  The number of channels of the amplification device should correspond to the number of speakers in the machine.  It is best to purchase a tablet with a docking station, which will provide convenience when removing and installing, as well as charging the device.

DIY tablet installation and connection

To install the tablet, you need to choose a place, prepare tools and materials, and also read the installation instructions.

Seat selection

tablet dock for car

tablet dock for car

There are two ways to install a tablet in a machine:

Using a tripod.  The choice of mounts today is quite diverse.  It can be holders both on the ceiling, and on the dashboard, glass.  Such accessories have a low cost and are characterized by simple installation.

Installation instead of the radio.  This option is considered better and more reliable, unlike the first.  The process, although it requires time and some knowledge, is still worth it, because the device looks more aesthetically pleasing.  This is due to the fact that all the wires are hidden inside, and the tablet itself will not fall anywhere during movement.
Which option to choose depends primarily on the preferences of the owner.  In the first case, the gadget can be installed quite quickly and no special knowledge is required for this.  The whole process consists of the purchase of the holder and installation in accordance with the attached instructions.  Despite all the ease of installation, it is still preferable to resort to the second method, since the tripod design is rather bulky, which can interfere with the driver.  If the second method was chosen, and you do not have sufficient knowledge, then you should contact the service.

Tablet Holders

A lot of motorists want to install a tablet, while not particularly doing alterations.  In this case, preference is given to mounting the device using the holder.  Depending on the purpose for which the tablet is intended to be used, the design of the device will also differ.  If you plan to use a tablet computer as a navigator or to listen to music and watch videos, then the windshield or dashboard will be the best place.  For entertainment, as a rule, installation is carried out in the headrests.

Installation on a dashboard is carried out using a gadget on suction cups.  Most fasteners come with a neoprene adhesive pad for attaching the suction cup.  The best option is the suction cup holder with a rigid short tripod, which allows you to change the angle of rotation of the screen.  The holder can be fixed not only on the panel, but also on the air grill, for which a special clothespin is used.

There are different designs of tablet holders that allow you to mount the device on both the dashboard and the air duct grille

Tools and equipment

To begin the installation, you will need the following list of tools:

standard set of motorists (screwdrivers, keys);

soldering iron, tin, insulating tape, heat shrink tube;

drill and drill 3-6 mm;

sharp knife.

Necessary equipment for mounting the tablet:

tablet with a diagonal of not more than 8 inches;

transition frame;

amplifier (when connecting the tablet to the radio, an amplifier is not needed);

adapter for charging;

wires for connecting speakers and power.

tablet mounts for car

tablet mounts for car

Amplifier mounting

In order to get high-quality sound, it is recommended to connect the tablet through an additional amplifier.  If you want to save money, you can connect through the head unit.  The optimal location for the amplification device is the luggage compartment, but there are other options – the space under the passenger or driver’s seat.  After the amplifier is installed, dismantle the head unit.  Then they pull the wires from the battery to the amplification device.  Connecting it to the wiring of the cigarette lighter or radio is not recommended.  Otherwise, a short circuit may occur.  A prerequisite is the connection of the positive cable through the fuse using a special holder.  The fuse is installed near the battery, which will provide the maximum level of protection.  To lay wires from the engine compartment, a hole is made in the engine compartment shield (if one is missing).  To prevent wire insulation from rubbing against the body, a rubber seal is inserted into the hole.

One of the best places to install the amplifier is the trunk or the space under the driver or passenger seat.

Speaker connection

To connect the speakers to the amplifier, acoustic wires of the required length are used.  By connecting the device to the speakers, you can start signaling from the tablet device.  To do this, use an RCA cable, and it is advisable to purchase a wire more expensive, since the sound quality depends on it.  In addition, to prevent possible interference, it is necessary to shield the audio signal circuit.  To save money and time, the signal from the tablet to the amplification device can be fed through the headphone jack.  This is explained by the fact that other connection methods adversely affect the sound quality.  In addition, noise and interference may occur during the operation of an automatic transmission.

best tablet for car installa

best tablet for car installa

Mounting the tablet step by step

After installing the amplifier and connecting it to the load, we proceed to embed the tablet itself.

Install the tablet in a frame.  Depending on which frame is used, some modifications may be required, for example, making holes for the sound, power, and power buttons.

To ensure that the tablet is integrated into the car beautifully, use a frame of the appropriate dimension

To power the device, you need to lay the wire to the fuse box.  To connect correctly, you need to find the connector on which the voltage appears when the key is turned to the ignition position.  Finding such a point is not difficult with a multimeter and guided by prompts on the block cover.  The need for such a power supply is that the gadget does not discharge the battery when the car is parked.

tablet bracket for car

tablet bracket for car

Power to the tablet is supplied from the fuse box.  To do this, find the connector on which voltage will appear in the ignition when the key is turned

We connect the positive wire to the detected connector using a special adapter, and connect the negative to the ground.  With the same wires we connect the “mother” connector, through which the car adapter will be powered to power the tablet.

To get “+” from the fuse box to power the tablet, a special adapter is used

Since the amplifier is already installed, connect it with a wire to the 3.5 mini-jack connector.

To send a signal from the tablet to the amplifier, a cable is used, on one end of which are connectors of the tulip type, on the other – 3.5 mini-Jack, best tablet for car installa.

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tablet car mount

tablet car mount

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