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Top tool chest,review 13 products

Top tool chest, review 13 product

A good box helps keep the tools in order. The best models are equipped with additional compartments, a removable organizer for storing trifles.  They are made of plastic or metal, come in different sizes, equipped with convenient carrying handles.  Due to their heavy weight, metal models are rarely used – carrying a heavy box full of tools is not an easy task.  Therefore, durable plastic is considered a better option.Craftsman tool chest reviews, more information on the link below.  The selection of models in stores is large, but our rating will introduce you only to the best tool boxes.

Best Tool Chest

1) Homak H2PRO Series 36-inch 8-drawer top

craftsman work bench, home depot workbench

craftsman work bench,
home depot workbench

One of the unique advantages of Homak H2PRO,tool chest reviews, is its durability. It boasts a double-walled steel structure that can withstand decades of violence.  Most users will find that its ultra-reliable tubular locking system is more than adequate to prevent potential intruders.

A similar utility is offered for the storage options of this model.  All four drawers below are deeper than the rest, which allows you to store heavy and durable items.  Top drawers extend along the entire length of this tool box, making them ideal places for tools with long handles.


All eight drawers are equipped with EVA lining, which protects their base and internal walls from scratches. Ball-bearing sliders that help open and close drawers also prevent rattling when you pull / push the drawers.  This model also has a 5 year warranty.

2) Festool 200119 SYS 4 Sortainer

waterloo tool box, matco tool box

waterloo tool box,
matco tool box

Festool craftsman portable tool box. Not many brands enjoy the same respect among users as Festool.  Units like this let you know why.  This is the embodiment of the organization, since each of the three boxes is equipped with several small storage rooms.  This means that you will never run out of space.Tool chest reviews, following the links in more detail.

The enormous strength of the frame of this model reduces the likelihood of vertical loads affecting the operation of drawers.  Its removable dividers give you the ability to organize your items.  You can use dividers and place small tools, or simply remove them to make room for larger items.

At the same time, this model is far from cumbersome.  This is a find, given the fact that it does not come with wheels.  Until you fill it to the limit – or if you regularly lift weights in the gym, you should have no problems wearing this model.

3) Keter modular chest with padlock

montezuma tool box, tool box clearance

montezuma tool box,
tool box clearance

Keter better built tool BOXES. If you are looking for an ultraportable model at an affordable price, here is one that meets all your requirements.  Its polypropylene construction protects this tool from moisture and shock.  Therefore, you do not have to worry about the fact that it can be rusty, rotting or dents.

The central locking system of this tool chest is an example of ingenuity.  On the left side of the model there is a glass slide on which you can open one (or several) drawers.  All remaining drawers will remain closed before, during and after use.  So you don’t have to worry about their safety.


You will not have problems with the organization of small things inside this product.Storage cabinet with drawers, very convenient.  Its top drawer has 16 removable containers and partitions that you can arrange to suit your needs.  The large storage area in the lower drawer not only allows you to store larger items, but also increases the stability of the tool box.

4) Craftsman 3-drawer metal portable tool box

hf tools,mastercraft tools

hf tools,mastercraft tools

Craftsman truck tool box.

Here is another ultraportable model that can easily be lifted by one person.  This product is for DIY enthusiasts who need a limited tool storage capacity.  This may not be the largest model on the market, but it protects content perfectly with the lid-activated locking mechanism.

There are two more areas where the cover leaves its mark.  It is equipped with a cover hinge that keeps the cover open for easy access to the tool.  Once you close the lid, the drawers will follow suit, leaving no doubt as to what kind of protection they will provide for your tools.Craftsman workbench, every technician or builder needs it.


Their hinged opening / closing mechanism is far from the only drawer feature that provides them with added security.  They boast a padlock and a padlock for a padlock to provide an extra layer of protection for your items.  In addition, since the device weighs a meager 2.2 pounds,3 drawer tool box, it is easy to carry.

5) Rolling Mechanics Tool Cart Slide Top Utility Storage

milwaukee tool cart,best portable tool box,home depot socket set

milwaukee tool cart,best portable tool box,home depot socket set

Metal rolling cart,very easy and simple to move from place to place, convenient, reliable and light table.

How do we know that this model is capable of abusing for many years?  We are sure of this, because we saw its steel frame in action.  Strong, but lightweight, the frame eliminates the tendency to wilt under overpressure and has received a corrosion-resistant coating over the past decades.

A central lock with a key protects all the drawers of this model.  This helps protect your tools by locking / unlocking all drawers at once.  The black powder coating, which evens out the bottom of the drawers and the entire body of the tool chest, gives the whole model a pleasant shine, rolling tool chest reviews.


The extension to which all the boxes open is different.  The one below goes through the longest distance, and the lengthening of the topmost drawer is the smallest.  Therefore, even if all the boxes are open at the same time, you will not have problems accessing the tools.

6) Keter Masterloader Rubber Tool Box

tool box on wheels, top tool chest

tool box on wheels,
top tool chest

Best portable tool box.

Looking for an aesthetic but practical tool chest?  Your search ends with this product.  Its shape resembles a box with the toys of your kids, but inside this chest with tools there is enough space to store all the tools of a professional worker.

Its plastic propylene resin construction helps this model withstand rust, rot and dents.  The central locking mechanism of this model guarantees safety and stability during travel.  Two rubber wheels are also available that allow you to navigate polished surfaces.

Home depot used tools, at home or in the garage he will always be at hand.Convenient size can be carried in the car.


In case the surface on which you are going to use it is not at all paved, you can use its extendable handle to lift this product.  Its lid has 2 removable storage compartments, while the internal storage area has a lower divider to help you make room for larger tools.

7) JEGS 81400 Black 3 Drawer Professional Tool Box for Garage, Truck, or Trailer

storage chest with drawers, snap on tool chest

storage chest with drawers,
snap on tool chest

JEGS rolling tool chest reviews. Portable tool box with 3 drawers:

16 steel structure.
Full drawers.
Ball bearings.
Key lock with 2 keys.
Rust Resistant Latches.
Black powder coating.
20.5 “x 9” x 12 “.

Functions:Made of durable 16 gauge steel construction with black powder coating.
Anticorrosive Latches.
Extra storage under the lid for storing large hand tools.
Extendable ball bearings.
Keep your tools safe with a built-in lock.

JEGS,tool box on wheels, handle for easy lifting.
Features and Details.
16 gauge steel.
Full extension.
Key lock with 2 .
Rust resistant

8) Best Choice Products Portable, Top Chest Rolling Tool Storage, Box Cabinet Sliding Drawers

menards tools, storage chest bench, lowes tool set

menards tools, storage chest bench,
lowes tool set

MULTIPLE STORAGE BOXES,home depot socket set. Equipped with (1) a drawer, (3) small drawers, (2) trays, (3) large drawers and (1) a large lower cabinet.
SAFE AND SAFE: drawers and trays lined with foam material ideal for absorbing oils; the upper unit comes with a lock and keys for added security.
MULTIFUNCTIONAL.The performax tool chest reviews, and cabinet are divided into 2 parts so you can use them separately or together.


Made of durable heavy duty drawer slides steel and equipped with (4) omnidirectional rollers and side handle for easy movement.
Dimensions of the combination tool box: 23.5 ”(L) x 13” (W) x 42.5 ”(H);  Gross Tonnage: 295 pounds.

9) DEWALT (DWST17814) Tstak Tool Box, Deep, Long Handle

menards kitchen cabinets, kobalt tool set

menards kitchen cabinets,
kobalt tool set

The deep tool box DEWALT. Home tool chest reviews, with a long handle has a very large storage capacity for large tools.  The best organizer has fixed dividers for organizing drills and chisels with a deep drawer for your larger tools.  A two-material handle at the top of each unit provides an easy and comfortable lift.  This box also offers strong rusty metal latches for longevity and longevity.  The TSTAK family has blocks that can be stacked on top of each other, connected by robust side latches.  Total length:
17 1/4 x 12 5/8 x 13 1/4 .
Extra large storage space for large tools.

The best organizers of fixed dividers for organizing drills and chisels.
Two material handle on top of each unit for easy and convenient lifting.
Heavy Duty Rusty Metal Latches.
Robust side latches allow stacking for other tstak modules.

10) Dewalt DWST1-70702,

best tool chest

Top Tool Chest Reviews - Editors Choice

Top Tool Chest Reviews – Editors Choice

From the manufacturer, wen tool chest reviews.
The DEWALT Tough System allows any professional to create a storage option that matches their needs.  Technicians, electricians, and contractors can use a variety of combinations, eliminating the need to distribute multiple storage,mechanics tool chest reviews, throughout the work site or workshop.

This system offers contractors the means of organizing, sorting and transporting their tools and materials from one work site to another.  Strong system units can be folded and locked together, or they can be attached to an L-shaped carrier for easy transport.  DWS best portable tool box,is a sturdy briefcase with 4 carrying handles, which is suitable for both power tools and accessories.  It also has a built-in waterproof seal to protect the tool and materials from rain, snow and other weather factors.

The central locking mechanism allows you to autonomously store suitcases for easy transportation.  To ensure safety at the workplace, looped eyes allow you to block stand-alone units.  Durable DEWALT is covered by a limited lifetime warranty.


DEWALT, Made in: Israel, Dimensions: 6. 3 X 21. 7 X 13. 3. Weight: 10. 69.
The DEWALT hf tools small suitcase is the ideal tool storage box with thick foam foam structural walls.  The sturdy construction also includes rust-resistant metal latches, an integrated waterproof seal (IP65 rating) to protect against elements and has a load capacity of up to 110 pounds.  It can be added to the ToughSystem trolley using the adjustable trolley brackets or mounted with other ToughSystem devices through the side Latches.

11) Stalwart,Heavy Duty Rolling Toolbox with Foldable Comfort Handle

milwaukee tool box, 3 drawer tool box, milwaukee toolbox

milwaukee tool box,
3 drawer tool box,
milwaukee toolbox

Stalwart,tool box Clearance is very convenient and practical, you do not need to tear your hands to lift weights, to help you drawer on wheels.

Keep your tools and supplies organized for off-site work with the rolling Upright Toolbox from Stalwart. This wheeled cart is equipped with three drawers for storing small parts with 24 compartments, two removable tool trays, a removable top storage box and cable hooks for neat and organized placement of extension cords. The folding handle with a convenient handle makes it easy to move this mobile workshop around various work places. The robust polypropylene and metal construction means that your tools and equipment will be protected during travel and in harsh construction conditions.

Work on the go – this tough packing trolley has two 4.2-inch nylon wheels and a folding handle with a convenient handle so you can take everything you need to work outside the site.
Product Information – Materials: polypropylene and metal.  Dimensions: 17.5 L x 10 W 24.5 H. Upper storage compartment Dimensions: 17.5 L x 7 W 9.  Lower storage compartment Dimensions: 16.25 x 9, L x 12.5 . Wheels: 4.2.

Frontier 72 tool chest reviews
reviews,here he is this handsome man what could be better.

A lot of storage space – just 24 compartments for small parts, two removable compartments for tools and a compartment with a deep bottom, which allows you to have a place for all your necessary tools and supplies on the road.


Robust design – This storage trolley is made of durable polypropylene and metal to ensure the safety and reliability of your power tool and hand tool while traveling and moving around rough construction sites.

Cable hooks – never worry about lost or tangled extension cords with attached cable hooks.  They are also great for storing rolls of tape and other small accessories.

12) JEGS Performance Products 81155

storage cabinet with drawers, metal rolling cart, home depot used tools

storage cabinet with drawers,
metal rolling cart,
home depot used tools

JEGS craftsman truck tool box.

Mechanical tool box, 16 inches x 9 inches.  Upholstered vinyl seat.
Drawer Dimensions: 13-1 / 2 inches x 7-3 / 4 inches x 2-1 / 4 inches.
Tool box with 3 drawers:
Rear tool holder, (2) Magnetic Folding Tool Trays. Black with JEGS logo, top tool chest,exclusive design and sophisticated design heavy duty drawer slide.
Tool box with 3 drawers with roller bearings.

Two folding magnetic tool trays.
Vinyl seat cushion for maximum comfort and support.
Rear tray supports screwdrivers and pliers.
Seat cushion 16 x 9 inches.
Overall dimensions: 26-3 / 8 L x 14-1 / 8 W x 16 H.
Drawer size: 13-1 / 2 L x 7-3 / 4 W x 2-1 / 4 L.

13) Keter Modular Locking and Rolling Tool Chest with Wheels and Drawers with 16 Removable Bins and Dividers for Customization

menards work bench, used tool BOXES, craftsman truck tool box

menards work bench,
used tool BOXES,
craftsman truck tool box

Keter,used tool BOXES, organizer and storage system is not only designed for the garage, but also has an adaptable system with 5 drawers! It is ideal for all types of hobby or home use, from ordering scrap, gardening, sewing to craft storage. These portable and adjustable storage boxes meet various organizational requirements! Its modular design makes it easy to fit into any existing home, office, utility room or craft room. You can even take this 5-box,home depot socket set cart with you on the road.

Dimensions with wheels: 23.5 inches H x 22.1 inches W x 11.3 inches D, reviews of the husky 56 inch tool chest.
Dimensions without wheels: 19.76 inches H x 22.1 inches W x 11.3 inches D.

What is a tool chest?

A tool chest is a cabinet in which you can store, best tool chest, organize and carry tools.  It can be as small as a portable box that cannot hold more than a few tools, or it can be as large as a drawer cabinet that can have several storage boxes.

Most tool chests can be divided into portable or non-portable models.  Portable ones usually have a handle on top, wheels under them and a lid that opens on a hinge.  At the same time, intolerable models weigh hundreds of pounds.  That’s why they are capable of storing (almost) countless tools.

Tool chest box guide

What to consider when buying a tool chest?  Are there any features that you simply cannot afford to miss? Craftsman tool chest reviews, this section answers both of these questions.
To make a reliable purchase of a tool chest, you need to remember these key features and their characteristics:

The size:
How much space can you allocate for your tool chest?  If your kit contains lightweight items, such as the best charger, get a desktop model.  Meanwhile, a stand-alone product is useful to those people who have a dedicated work area and want to have a wide range of tools.

Three properties of a tool chest affect its capacity:used tool BOXES, its total size, the size of its drawers and the number of drawers.  It goes without saying that you should invest in a model that can fit all your tools, with a margin of space.

As you can see from our guide to buying a cordless impact wrench, power tools are heavy.  If they are in your kit, you will need a tool chest with a stainless steel frame in sizes from 18 to 19.

Once your chest is full, it will become bulky.  That is why we are always behind tool chests that come with wheels and a handle.  They move easily and do not burden your back with their weight.

If you are looking for a tool with the highest rating, choose a brake shoe or read dent puller reviews to choose the best model for your needs, always remember this universal rule: the longer the warranty period, the more reliable the product will be.

Benefits best tool chest

Organize your tools:

People who don’t have a tool chest spend a lot of time looking for the right tool for the task they are about to complete.Mastercraft tools, are very scattered, but we offer to put them in the perfect place for them.  Tool chests save you time by providing baskets and dividers in which you can neatly organize your items.

Protect your tools:
When transferring a large number of tools from one place to another, there is always the danger that you may lose something if you are not careful.  Tool chests relieve this anxiety, allowing you to securely remove all your items.

Prevent Damage:
In addition to the external lock, most tool chests have internal latches to close each storage bag.  This minimizes the likelihood of any tool getting into the ground and causing damage in the process.

Makes you effective:
An organized tool chest containing all the tools you last placed it in makes your work more efficient and faster.  This way you can get more work in less time.

While lightweight BEST TOOLBOXE come with a sturdy handle, there are wheels under bulky wheels.  This means that regardless of the weight of the items that you are going to store in them, they will be easy to move.

Easy in store:
If you decide to choose a chest for hand carrying, you can quickly put it in hard-to-reach places, such as the footrest in the car, under the stairs and under the work table.


Follow these tips to clean and save your tool box for future reference

1) Lubricate the rollers and guides:

If your tool box has wheels, regularly lubricate them with grease or high-quality bearing oil.  In addition, use light oil to grease the bottom of the drawers at least once a year.

2) Clean shelves, drawers often:
Especially if your tool chest has wooden parts, clean the shelves at least once a week.  This will protect woody insects such as termites.

3) Avoid placing metal chests in the sun:
Since metal is an excellent conductor of heat, placing it under sunlight wears out a tool chest faster.

4) Wipe up spills immediately:
In addition to leaving permanent spots on the chest, fluid spills, if left unattended, can damage its surface.  Dry them quickly with a dry microfiber cloth.

5) Clean all tools from time to time:
At least once every six months, remove all tools from the tool chest.  Wipe off their oil and dirt with a rag.  Then wipe them with a damp microfiber cloth.  Make sure they are dry before returning them to their place in the tool chest.

What to consider when buying a tool kit?

One thing to keep in mind is the big difference in quality among tool kit manufacturers.  Established brand names usually use blacksmith steel in hand tools, which ensures a product that is resistant to wear and any damage.  A brand tool kit can be expensive, but you will benefit from quality.  When buying a tool kit, you can save some money for buying the same tools individually.Metal rolling cart, or craftsman truck tool box, it’s one and the same just who used to call them.
The type of tool kit that should be avoided is “200 items for nothing.”  The metal used in cheaper sets is rarely made of forged steel.  Instead, a much weaker metal composite or softer metal will be used.  When a cheap hammer or screwdriver is in operation, the metal will probably not bend, and the tool may suddenly bounce.  Identifying a cheaper sub-metal used in low-tool models through exploitation is not the best solution.  Another danger is the plastic handles used on screwdrivers.  Under pressure, these handles may break without warning.  As a rule, if the price of a large set of tools is declared incredibly low, there may be a reason for this.

It would be nice to throw suits, but it’s up to you to decide what exactly to use, or the tiniest tools or the little things. Tool box Clear ance, we leave it to your taste.

Another element to consider is adaptability.  A good tool kit should contain standard-sized components with clear markings.  If you later decide to purchase additional tools, the availability of compatible accessories can be very convenient.  If your needs are basic, then another important factor is the adjustment.  A tool kit with an adjustable wrench and a pair of vices allows you to replace a much larger kit with socket wrenches and several pliers.  Fancy tools, such as wrenches, may not be needed in the basic toolbox, but mechanics and artisans may prove invaluable.  Again, buy according to personal need, not price or size.  A basic tool kit with high-quality components is better than a 500-piece deal of dubious origin.

Top tool chest,review 13 products!

That’s all our review came to an end, if you still have questions ask us, we will only.










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